What is relationship counselling?

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A relationship can exist in many shapes and forms and across a lifetime, they will thread us into multiple connections with other people. These attachments are vital because they create a sense of belonging and connection which improves our sense of self and adds meaning to our lives. Relationships are also vital because they offer us a forum to be, to express our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviours, our very essence and also provide us with a place to be loved, to grow, to be witnessed, to be reassured, nurtured and encouraged. It stands to reason that taking care of our relationships is essential to our wellbeing and it is easy to see how painful it can be when our relationships become pressured, distant, damaged or distressed.

Relationship counselling is delivered in many contexts and can be seen as an umbrella term which encompasses all forms of connection including for instance, attachment in the parent child relationship, intimacy in the significant other relationship, or role changing in the workplace relationship.

When a relationship has faced disruption in some way, be that through life changes, developmental shifts or any other form of pressure or stress, relationship counselling can offer practical assistance in helping people to understand and address the problems that have caused pain, misunderstanding, distress or stuckness. From a place of understanding and insight, professional help can assist people to reset and find their way back to healthy connection via practical tools tailor-made for each relationship situation. At the end of the day, we all deserve to be in healthy, uplifting, edifying relationships and if this is not our relationship reality, then it is time to prioritise change and growth so that we can once again thrive in our sense of connection and belonging!


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