Black and White or Colour Your World?

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 2.54.48 pm
Hey lovely ones…. there is so much room in our lives for good solid reliable dependable black and white zones. Clear boundaries, good assertiveness, internal rules to live by, these are all examples of great black and white zones. However, there are also areas in our lives that may be a little too black and white and might need a splash of colour, am I right? I am an inner child girl at heart and love the Zest that colour brings. … to be honest, I need to bring a little more black and white into my daily routine usually, rather than the other way around. Where do you sit on the black and white versus the colour zones in your life? Do you need to splash some colour around your life (be silly, have fun, get creative, bend a rule, let your inner child out for a play) Take a look at these two images and do a little check in on whether there is balance in your life at the moment, do you need more of the black and white guideline zones or more of the colour splashes at the moment?


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