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What is Kitchen Bench Psychologist all about?

My name is Marguerite Schultz, Clinical Psychologist.
This space exists as a place of psychological encouragement for times when you may be feeling tired or overwhelmed, and need to be pointed back to good kitchen table wisdom about who you are and how to thrive in your life.

Here to support you on the journey

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to Your Best Self

Building a flourishing life is possible for all of us, no matter the variance in the pathway to securing that life and the purpose of this space is to provide nourishment for those times in the journey where we need refreshing! Welcome!

Live a life you are proud of

Find true joy and lasting peace despite life's challenges

Learn to smash your stress and live the life that you and your family deserve

Find balance between caring for yourself and caring for the people you love

Online Course

The Happy Mum Roadmap


The Happy Mum’s Roadmap to Parenting

The Happy Mum’s Roadmap to Parenting

Raising children can be stressful. Parenting is hard because it's is not a one-size-fits-all job. You have to be continually learning, growing, and adapting as your kids grow and change. It can be difficult to juggle the responsibility of parenting with everything...

Learning to Rest by Finding Certainty

Learning to Rest by Finding Certainty

In times of uncertainty it can be so easy to feel like you are adrift on an ocean not sure which way is North …not a great feeling. In fact, I often say to clients that psychologically, living in the “unknown” is one of the hardest places to live. We can usually face...

Black and White or Colour Your World ?

Black and White or Colour Your World ?

Hey lovely ones…. there is so much room in our lives for good solid reliable dependable black and white zones. Clear boundaries, good assertiveness, internal rules to live by, these are all examples of great black and white zones. However, there are also areas in our...

About Me

I’m Marguerite Schultz, Clinical Psychologist, Group Private Practice Clinic owner and most importantly wife of 20 years and mum to three gorgeous boys!

My life’s work has been dedicated to the field of psychology, where my passion lies specifically in helping people to find their freedom and restore their joy. In my work, I come across countless people who are doing their best, earnestly applying themselves morning to night in the domain of life they find themselves in, yet so many of these amazing people are weighted down by stress, worries, unresolved pain or broken relationships and as such, they are not enjoying the benefits of living what I call “their best life”.

We all long to truly claim that we live a life of joy, happiness and contentment yet many people sadly don’t see their true value or invest in building the life that they deserve. My hope is therefore to come alongside people and help them to shift this stuckness and start to grow, build and thrive.

Through the mechanism of psychology, I have the privilege of helping people to rebuild their worlds in the places it may be hurting or broken and help them to move towards a life of flourishing! I have made it my mission to help people to live the life they deserve, a life they can be proud of!

I am so glad that I get to partner with people in their journey so if you are here reading this now, then welcome and thank you for taking the time to look at this site but more importantly, well done for taking the time to invest in yourself and your future and to check in on your overall wellbeing and ask yourself “How am I really going and am I living my best life?”


“I have been blessed by Marguerite’s psychological wisdom and easy to understand advice, encouragement and down to earth good common sense!”

– Natalie R

“Marguerite is genuine, kind and compassionate. Her calm and understanding nature has lead me to talk openly and comfortably with her about life’s tricky circumstances and I value her well balanced guidance.”

– Kate C

“Marguerite is the queen of keeping it real! Her knowledge is invaluable, inspiring, easy to relate to and is delivered in a gentle and completely achievable way.”

– Jane G

“As a fellow psychologist and mum, I have to say, I love your work!!

The way you normalize those difficult Mum moments is profoundly helpful. And the way you simplify key concepts into little take home messages, strategies and tools is brilliant”

– Bianca P, Australia

“I just wanted to share that I’ve been doing Margie’s The Happy Mum Formula and have been loving every minute of it.

As a clinical psychologist and mum of three, I was just blown away at the gold contained within it. In my opinion every mum should gift this course to themselves or if you know a mum this would be the perfect gift.

Margie speaks to the heart of what every mum needs whilst providing practical action steps along the way. So so so worth it. Thanks Margie for putting this together for us mums.”

– Gerda M, Australia

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